Surface Book 3 9 Months Later

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should purchase the Surface Book Three. Here’s my review after nine months of using the device. What I like most about the device has not changed. I am really in love with the screen how large it is how responsive, it is, and how amazing YouTube videos look on it, lol. What I always find myself thinking about, though, is the fact that this is a very powerful device for what it is, but it’s very expensive in comparison to some of the other devices that are out now. If you’re a professional CEO or Executive. This laptop is the laptop of your dreams because you’re usually not going to be doing too many intensive things on it, but it’s very versatile. For example, this laptop can handle zoom meetings team meetings, Google, meet meetings or any other type of meeting software easily. while having plenty of room to have 20 chrome tabs open or 20 tabs open in Safari or Microsoft Edge browser. The biggest issue, I still have with the device after all this time. And what made me actually go start looking for alternatives, is the fact that it is not as portable as I thought it would be. I actually thought I would be able to carry this around the house easily carry it to the coffee shop easily, and that it would just be a portable powerhouse that I could get a lot of use out of. The truth is, it’s three and a half pounds which isn’t super light nowadays. But the fact that the computer is in the screen portion, just makes it feel a little bit wobbly. And the other issue is the fact that this device is so premium. It feels so good when you’re holding it in your hands, that you really don’t want to scratch it or just toss it around or having coffee tables scratch it at the bottom so you try to be really careful with it. And after a while that could get a little bit annoying because you’re worried more about, are you going to scratch your laptop then, if you’re getting work done, what I did to resolve this myself, is I just got one of those third party cases you put on the laptop, so that way I could drag it along the coffee shop table and not worry about my Surface Book getting scratched up but then that does take away from the beauty of the device Why should I be paying $2,000 for a laptop if I have to cover it up. But if I really think about it though almost every device that’s over $1,000 these days, including your cell phones, you have to cover with all types of equipment just to keep it from breaking, so you don’t have to spend another 1000 or $2,000. Actually, replacing it. So I guess I can’t hold that against the Surface Book, but compared to other devices. It still feels like. If I dropped it. I’m definitely going to have to replace it. Speaking of dropping it though I did drop the Surface Book too once, but I had a laptop skin from toast, made on the laptop, and I dropped it on our Pargo floors which aren’t concrete so it just kind of scratched it a little bit along the screen and there was no other damage. So speaking of durability I guess you can take a drop. But I wouldn’t test it. And I would probably be more worried about dropping it by accident from a few feet from a desk and ruining the device, and having to get it replaced or just for your own protection having

one of those expensive warranty programs that Microsoft and Best Buy have, where you have to pay two to $300 for three years. But when you’re spending $2,000 on a computer. Seems that these days those warranties are worth their weight in gold especially when things start acting up after having a computer for a year and the warranty has already expired. So other than that though. It’s still a really powerful computer for what it is. I’m able to edit videos do the zoom calls team meetings narrate videos have 30 tabs open and the computer does not even slow down. So I really love that. But what kind of got me second guessing this is the fact that I have a seven year old desktop computer that costs half the price that I edit. I edited the same video on both computers. And then I click the Export button. And my Surface Book Three took about 20, minutes, and my old seven year old desktop only took about 12 minutes. So even though this is powerful for a laptop that has a removable screen that turns to a tablet. In many ways, your desktop will always be more powerful. So that got me to thinking. If that’s true, and I could get another device like the Surface Pro three for portability, wouldn’t it just make more sense to have a desktop and a Surface Pro. So, I, I did both of those. And to be honest, now I feel like I have a better device. So, I decided to go with a desktop and a Surface Pro three. And I think I have solved my solution for wanting a more portable device. And having power when I need it so overall. If I had to make the perfect Surface Book. it would have more ports and the screen would detach easier but overall I still love the Surface Book Three, and I highly recommend it if you want power and portability.

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