Surface Book 3 9 Months Later

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should purchase the Surface Book Three. Here’s my review after nine months of using the device. What I like most about the device has not changed. I am really in love with the screen how large it is how responsive, it is, and how amazing YouTube videos look on it, lol. What I always find myself thinking about, though, is the fact that this is a very powerful device for what it is, but it’s very expensive in comparison to some of the other devices that are out now. If you’re a professional CEO or Executive. This laptop is the laptop of your dreams because you’re usually not going to be doing too many intensive things on it, but it’s very versatile. For example, this laptop can handle zoom meetings team meetings, Google, meet meetings or any other type of meeting software easily. while having plenty of room to have 20 chrome tabs open or 20 tabs open in Safari or Microsoft Edge browser. The biggest issue, I still have with the device after all this time. And what made me actually go start looking for alternatives, is the fact that it is not as portable as I thought it would be. I actually thought I would be able to carry this around the house easily carry it to the coffee shop easily, and that it would just be a portable powerhouse that I could get a lot of use out of. The truth is, it’s three and a half pounds which isn’t super light nowadays. But the fact that the computer is in the screen portion, just makes it feel a little bit wobbly. And the other issue is the fact that this device is so premium. It feels so good when you’re holding it in your hands, that you really don’t want to scratch it or just toss it around or having coffee tables scratch it at the bottom so you try to be really careful with it. And after a while that could get a little bit annoying because you’re worried more about, are you going to scratch your laptop then, if you’re getting work done, what I did to resolve this myself, is I just got one of those third party cases you put on the laptop, so that way I could drag it along the coffee shop table and not worry about my Surface Book getting scratched up but then that does take away from the beauty of the device Why should I be paying $2,000 for a laptop if I have to cover it up. But if I really think about it though almost every device that’s over $1,000 these days, including your cell phones, you have to cover with all types of equipment just to keep it from breaking, so you don’t have to spend another 1000 or $2,000. Actually, replacing it. So I guess I can’t hold that against the Surface Book, but compared to other devices. It still feels like. If I dropped it. I’m definitely going to have to replace it. Speaking of dropping it though I did drop the Surface Book too once, but I had a laptop skin from toast, made on the laptop, and I dropped it on our Pargo floors which aren’t concrete so it just kind of scratched it a little bit along the screen and there was no other damage. So speaking of durability I guess you can take a drop. But I wouldn’t test it. And I would probably be more worried about dropping it by accident from a few feet from a desk and ruining the device, and having to get it replaced or just for your own protection having

one of those expensive warranty programs that Microsoft and Best Buy have, where you have to pay two to $300 for three years. But when you’re spending $2,000 on a computer. Seems that these days those warranties are worth their weight in gold especially when things start acting up after having a computer for a year and the warranty has already expired. So other than that though. It’s still a really powerful computer for what it is. I’m able to edit videos do the zoom calls team meetings narrate videos have 30 tabs open and the computer does not even slow down. So I really love that. But what kind of got me second guessing this is the fact that I have a seven year old desktop computer that costs half the price that I edit. I edited the same video on both computers. And then I click the Export button. And my Surface Book Three took about 20, minutes, and my old seven year old desktop only took about 12 minutes. So even though this is powerful for a laptop that has a removable screen that turns to a tablet. In many ways, your desktop will always be more powerful. So that got me to thinking. If that’s true, and I could get another device like the Surface Pro three for portability, wouldn’t it just make more sense to have a desktop and a Surface Pro. So, I, I did both of those. And to be honest, now I feel like I have a better device. So, I decided to go with a desktop and a Surface Pro three. And I think I have solved my solution for wanting a more portable device. And having power when I need it so overall. If I had to make the perfect Surface Book. it would have more ports and the screen would detach easier but overall I still love the Surface Book Three, and I highly recommend it if you want power and portability.


Surface Book 3 Review For Professionals

All right, we finally got our hands on a Surface Book Three. And after watching a lot of the reviews, this is why cre reviews, especially of these types of products, because a lot of the people out there doing reviews are tech reviewers. And that’s what they do for a living, they don’t get a chance to spend a lot of time with the product. Or maybe it is their main device, but they’re using four or five devices at the same time. The reason why I say this is because one of the main complaints I’m seeing about the Surface Book theory is that it’s not the most powerful laptop out there. And they need to change the design and make it more powerful. The problem with that is, first of all, it’s not even really a laptop, it’s a two in one. So it’s supposed to be the most powerful tool in what. And obviously that’s kind of like comparing a convertible to an SUV. Yes and SUV holds a lot more people and we’re never going to make a convertible into an SUV. Because a convertible car can do something an SUV can’t do it can take the top off. Just like that the Surface Book Three can take its tablet portion off. So let’s go ahead and talk about what I noticed in my review and why I still love the Surface Book Three. More than any other laptop. Even though I have other laptops, including gaming laptops, I pad all the Surface devices. And I’m getting a MacBook and iPad, all those devices for my business. But one of the main reasons that stood out to me is when you try to use


a regular


laptop, even if it has a touchscreen, and you try to use it like this in your drawing or doodling or if you want to write on the screen, it’s fine for a few minutes. Like I’m doing here, it’s fine. But after a couple of minutes, like Apple said back in the day who wants to reach out to their screen to touch the screen. Yes, it’s okay if you’re scrolling because you could use your thumb and you can lay your arm down. But you see how my arm is hanging in the air, you’re not really going to be able to draw Well, if your arm is elevated like that, I would have to probably put my arm on something and then start drawing or if I want to mark up a document after a while that can become tiring. But one thing I did notice about the Surface Book, after going back to a laptop that didn’t have a touchscreen, is when you have options of using your device in different forms and changing it like a convertible car. You do it, especially if you do it the right way. And I’m going to show you the right way to do it. But if you do that, you’re going to get more out of your device. And you’re going to have a better time using your device, you’re not going to get tired of just sitting at your desk, which is what I was getting tired of actually. So what I did is I went ahead and switch to tablet studio mode where the basis still connected. So I get the battery and I get the graphics card. And this is a lot more comfortable. My hand is still not resting on the screen, even though I could rest my hand on the screen, but I didn’t want it to get in the way. But in this particular mode, you can rest your hand on the screen. Here I’m just doodling and coloring in the tree. So I didn’t feel like I was being strained I didn’t feel like my arm was being strained. And even if my arm did get tired, I could start resting it on the actual screen. The one thing I don’t like though, is that the screen does get a little bit hot. Now if you want to be a professional artists, you would probably be wearing some type of artists glove. And then another thing you want to do for me since I’m left handed when you’re setting up your pin that doesn’t come with the device you have to buy separately for $100 or you can buy a third party version for 450 dollars. If you put on the glove, make sure you set the Bluetooth settings for the pen to left handed if you are left handed, because when you put your palm on the device, it will reject it from the left side. If you don’t do this, you’ll notice that It’ll start glitching, because it’ll think that you’re writing on that side of the screen, and it won’t reject your poem. So make sure you go into the settings for the surface pin and choose the the option for either left handed or right handed. You could also change that too, if more than one person uses the device. So the next mode is what I call drawing presenter mode. And this is the mode that I’m in most of the time I use a, a Bluetooth keyboard, and I leave my computer like this most of the time. Why? Because then you’ll end up using the tablet portion. Even more, if you don’t do this, and you leave it in laptop mode. A lot of people online on YouTube and in Reddit have been saying, Well, I don’t end up using it in tablet mode a lot. Well, that’s because you’re using the keyboard to type, which is fine. But it’s not as ergonomic for using the tablet. And having a stand as using it in studio presenter mode, as I call it. Because then you can actually touch the screen when you need to, and it’s not far away from you. And then I ended up using a real mechanical keyboard or just a one of those windows keyboards and a trackball mouse. And this was the most ergonomic way to use the device for me, because,


yes, I love the keyboard, it’s nice. But if you’re at home and you’re not at the office, or even if you’re working in Starbucks, I’ve taken a keyboard, a small Bluetooth keyboard with me to Starbucks, because if I want to start drawing or marking up the screen is just a lot more ergonomic that way. And I like having the screen closer to me. And this having it this way was actually the easiest way for me to draw. Because I just lift my arm up, I draw when I want to relax, I put my arm down, and I don’t have to touch the screen. Now if you want to get into real detail and you’re a professional artists, then obviously, you’re gonna have to put put your palm on the screen and touch the screen. I don’t detach the tablet portion a lot, because I like having that extra battery. And another thing I wanted to point out is I’m using the old surface dock as well, as you can see here, I’m using the old surface dock and it works fine. The extra power that the surface dock to has does come in handy. But I’ll show you why. If you don’t use USBC, or to 4k screens, you may not need the new surface dock, the old surface dock might be just fine. What I found is that it was easier to color in while I had it in this mode, because it’s closer to my face, I don’t have to lean over. And I’m a big advocate for having an ergonomic setup. And when you have it laid flat, you have to kind of arch your neck over the screen and you’re kind of in the work, which is fine. But after about 10 minutes of doing that, you know your back starts to hurt your neck starts to feel stiff. So I could actually sit back in my chair in this mode and draw or mark up the screen for my web development and app development that we do I could circle something and send it off to my web developer without having to lean forward to look at my screen, which I found really productive. The other thing you could do is you can duplicate your screen into a bigger screen in front of you if you want to see what you’re doing even larger. And I also have a I forgot what they call it but it’s almost like a tablet holder where I can put it behind the tablet portion. It’s somewhere in my office. I don’t know where it is but you put it behind the tablet portion on top of the keyboard it has little rubber feet under it. And then that way your tablet portion will not move like my tablet portion is moving right now. But it’s not moving a lot because that hinge is really strong. But if you don’t want it to move at all, you could put one of those little devices behind it so that when you push against it that tablet portion will not move. The next thing I want to talk about is PowerDirector. And this is power director right here that I’m opening up. And this is my alternative for Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve which they’re both good. But what I found is that power director performs a lot better on the timeline, especially if you’re using touch, or the pen. As you can see, right now, I’m using the trackball mouse. But if I want to use touch or my pin, I found that power director performs a lot better when I’m using touch. And when I’m moving things around with touch, because as you can see here, I could drag it around with my finger. I could press play with my finger, but I noticed the pen works better, obviously, because it’s more precise. But dragging things around the


timeline with your fingers really easy. It was really easy. It works in Adobe Premiere, as well. But I noticed, if you have 4k clips in Adobe Premiere, I noticed it just doesn’t move as smoothly like an iPad Pro would. Whereas PowerDirector on Windows, it works on the surface go it works on a Surface Pro, and it’s more lightweight. You can buy it for one time price of around $70. If you’re into videos, or you want to edit video, family videos, friend videos, social media videos, or even if you’re a professional power director works well on the Surface Book for that purpose. And then when I was actually rendering a 20 minute 4k file of my kids, as you can see it rendered out to about 2.2 gigs. It only took seven minutes and 39 seconds now with Adobe’s latest update, though, they’ve significantly improved their render times. Now this same file in Adobe actually took about seven minutes roughly. As you can see, I’m about 20 minutes into this file in Adobe Premiere, and I had six minutes left, so it took about the same amount of time, the issue was that I noticed that I would have to playback the file at maybe 25% quality in order to get it to be smooth, which is fine. And as you can see, when it’s rendering, it’s actually using both GPUs, the integrated GPU and the dedicated GPU. And it’s using about 58% of the CPU when it’s rendering, which isn’t that bad. So that is the performance of the video editing. And then, for those that are interested in cinebench, it took about the cinebench score was about, I believe 1500. I ran it three times. And this is interesting, I ran it three different times I used the old surface dock that’s plugged in now. And it actually got a better score than when I use the




adapter that comes with a Surface Book Three, that’s supposed to be 127 watts. So this old surface dock is compatible. If you still have one, it works, the only thing you may have issues with is if you are trying to connect more than one 4k monitor then you would need the new surface dock because that has two USB C ports that you can connect to two 4k monitors. And I believe that is at 60 hertz or 60 frames. So that would be the only reason you would do that. I just don’t think you should do that though. You should connect two 4k monitors to this maybe one is fine. But two is probably overkill. And what I noticed a lot of people do and a lot of people complain about is they complain that I connected two 4k monitors or one 4k monitor and I’m rendering a huge 60 minute file and I’m running my son SolidWorks CAD program all at the same time, and this laptop isn’t fast enough, I paid $3,000 for the, the, you know, 32 gigabytes of RAM on what I would say to you is, this is the most powerful tool out there, save that extra $1,000, get the base model 15 and then connect remotely to your high end windows rig, spend that extra 1000 to 15 $100. On a real desktop workstation that you can do the heavy lifting on, that’s what I do. I do the heavy lifting on my you know, even my old desktop, I can offload some of that to my old desktop. Because no matter what you think these devices, since they’re not repairable, they’re almost like premium, you know, cell phones of the future that you can do everything on. They’re not made to be us 24 seven rendering, hollywood videos, but if you want to write on the screen, if you want the tablet mode, if you want to read when you’re away from your computer and detach the screen, this is a great device for you, I’m going to be doing some more updates on assessories I’m using to have an actual kickstand on the on the tablet portion. For battery life. For the tablet portion, I’m getting about three hours. If you put it on half brightness, you’ll get about three hours. The other trick is you can actually bring your AC power cord with you. Let’s say you’re sitting in the living room, you could be in tablet mode, you could connect it to power if you need to keep it charge. And you could do that all day, if you want to if you’re watching a movie, you could put it down and charge the tablet portion with the surface Connect port at the bottom in the middle of the tablet portion. So that’s another thing. You could also buy a USB C to surface Connect adapter where you plug in a battery to that. And lastly, I have a cool accessory right here where I actually made it more comfortable to hold the screen. It’s a case. So this makes it actually more comfortable. And as you can see it covers the bottom, it covers the bottom. And now makes it more comfortable for me to hold this in tablet mode, even though the magnesium is beautiful. This makes it easier to hold. So I can actually hold this, just like this. It’s pretty cool. And then there’s another one with a kickstand that I’ll review in another video. But the tablet portion is really light. So I don’t want to scratch this up, though. That’s why I have this case on it. Just in case I need to sell it in six months. Because like I said, these are amazing devices. But they’re almost like cell phones every year or two, there’s gonna be a new one. All they did this time was refresh the internals, which still make it a very powerful tool and one that can be a substitute for a desktop and a laptop. But it’s still not, you know, a Dell XPS 17 or


MacBook Pro 16. But it does so much more. You can do what I’m doing right now with this. With those devices, it’s just not a comparison. So for those people wanting to return to the device, because it’s not rendering this fast. It’s actually in some programs now with Adobe with their upgrade to new n vank. codec. It can actually renders some times faster than the MacBook Pro, and just as fast or if not faster than the XPS 15. But most people are not video editors. The vloggers are complaining about video editing. like everybody’s editing videos every day. Yes, that’s great. Yes, the cinebench score isn’t as fast is a gaming laptop. But what most people are doing everyday like me I have 20 or 10 tabs open in the New Edge browser. I have teams open I’m getting on a zoom call. I render a video I’m on Excel. I’m in a Word document doing all those things at one time. You should be fine even with 16 gigabytes of RAM. So save that extra $1,000 and build your own PC or buy one with it. And upgraded so that you can get the power you need when you need it. But this can do 90% or 95% of most of the things that most professionals need. So hopefully you enjoyed this. Let me know if you have any questions. We’ll talk more in our next review of this product. I’m going to do an update every week. Let me know what you think like and subscribe so you can support the channel because I have my own business. This isn’t what I do full time, but if with your support, we’ll be able to bang out more videos. This is Flo signing out. Talk to you soon. Take care